Varsity – High School Football Video Game

Spear Interactive & Pyramid Lake Games are building the first-ever video game that captures the passion and excitement of High School Football across America.

Varsity will feature realistic on-the-field simulation-style gameplay, high-quality modern visuals, officially licensed equipment, and a dynasty mode where you will take the role of a Coach or Player and try to lead your local team to the state championship over multiple years.

Our goal is to create a vast customizable football universe that will provide different experiences based upon the town, county, and state that teams are located in. It will be up to you to manage your team’s relationship and expectations by interacting with your players (& their parents), coaching staff, 7 on 7 teams, boosters, and other teams in the region. With success, you could become a hometown hero but mismanagement could force you into breaking news scandals during the season resulting in the largest coaching carousel a video game has seen.

Effective February 2022, we are in full-time development for all aspects of the game. We plan to release the game on Xbox Series X/S, Playstation 5 and PC. We will provide more details on a release date as development progresses.

Released On

Release Date TBD


Spear Interactive & Pyramind Lake Games


ESRB – Everyone

Release Type

Future Release


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