Doug Flutie’s Maximum Football 2019

Spear Interactive was instrumental in emphasizing College Football within the Maximum Football franchise. Doug Flutie’s Maximum Football 2019 was the start of this new direction with the addition of a College Dynasty Mode. This title was also the first to feature Spear Interactive’s game partnerships including Wilson Sports, Xenith, Doug Flutie, Phil Steele’s College Football, The Spring League, Mokom Gloves and Phenom Elite.


College Football Dynasty Mode has returned!

Select your league structure (130 US teams or 27 Canadian teams) and create your own College Football universe by customizing every team, player, uniform and logo.

Recruit the next College superstar, dominate the rankings and earn your way into a Bowl or Playoff game.

Recreate Flutie magic! Play as Hall of Fame Quarterback Doug Flutie in Play Now or Season Mode.

New Gameplay Experience! Brand new animations and player models have been added for 2019. You will feel the hits with our physics based tackling system.

Multiple Rule Sets, Field Sizes and Ball Types! Play the type of football you want – select between US Pro, College and Canadian Football options.

Practice in The Spring League! Hit the practice field and perfect your plays in our Spring League branded Practice Mode.

Full Logo Editor! Choose from over 200 stock logos or create your own logo in our logo editor.

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Spear Interactive & Canuck Play


ESRB – Everyone

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Digital & Physical


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