Digital Design, Hamilton, Canada

About us


Spearinteractive is on the forefront of digital publishing. 

From the news business to video games, Spear has contributed innovative strategies and products in a rapidly changing media landscape for over a decade. 

The key ingredient for successful growth has always been adaptability


Andrew Spearin Creative Director

Andrew leads Spearinteractive with several years of insight and experience in the media business. He's directly responsible for building brands such as Insurgency and Day of Infamy from a vision to reaching an audience of millions. Previously he has worked as an award-winning photojournalist and designer with Postmedia, having been a member of the company's elite Digital Innovation Team.

In addition to leading Spear, Andrew is a partial-load professor of Computer Systems Technology at Mohawk College, in Hamilton, where he also works on special projects with students in the Game Development Club.