Digital Publishing, Hamilton, Canada

About us

Spearinteractive is on the forefront of digital publishing. 

From the news business to video games, Spear has contributed innovative strategies and products in a rapidly changing media landscape for over a decade. 

The key ingredient for successful growth has always been adaptability

Andrew Spearin Co-Founder

Andrew leads Spear with several years of insight and experience in the media business. He's directly responsible for building brands such as Insurgency and Day of Infamy from a vision to reaching an audience of millions. Previously he has worked as an award-winning photojournalist and designer with Postmedia, having been a member of the company's elite Digital Innovation Team.

In addition to leading Spear, Andrew is a partial-load professor of Computer Systems Technology at Mohawk College, in Hamilton, where he also works on special projects with students in the Game Development Club.


Eric Spearin Co-Founder

Eric brings to Spear his expertise in software development, logistics & supply chain, scaling companies, and raising capital. He founded the logistics software company Logistadvise in 2014 and a year later received a private equity investment to form Transervice Integrated Solutions (TIS). Eric holds a BA from York University and an MBA from the Bradford School of Management in the United Kingdom.